Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here I am sitting in my new Bumbo. This thing lets me sit up really well, like a big girl!

Me with Mom Mom!

Me getting hugs from Gamma!

This is an old one but here's me with Great
Grandmom Oates!

Aunt Kelly put me right to sleep this day..I'm all snuggled up!

And here I am with Uncle Wayne..I don't look too happy in this one,
but he really does make me smile!

Here I am with my parents, my godparents (Uncle Don & Aunt Samantha) and
the priest at my baptism.

Here are my godparents and I.

Four generations!

Here I am with Mommy, Mom Mom, and Great Grandmom Ibbott! This was taken on Mom Mom's birthday!
Here's me and my Daddy!
And here's me & my big brother, Zac!
Here I am getting ready to chow down!!

Well this picture is a little old, but here's my whole family!

Here's me & Zac at the beach in NC. This was my first vacation. I had lots of fun, but I think it'll be even more fun next year! I was a very good girl on the car ride there and back. I got to spend time with a bunch of my relatives like Gamma, Gramps, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Laura, Jennifer, and Shannon. I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Girl!

Here I am just being my happy little self! Today is Saturday, July 28th and I just rolled over for the first time from back to front!!!
Mommy and Daddy missed it though! Mommy had left me in my crib for a minute and when she came back I was on my tummy. I'll be crawling in no time!! Then watch out world here I come!!

So I was in a not so great mood. You know how sometimes you're kinda grouchy and you take it out on someone who doesn't deserve it. Well....Gamma became that someone....Sorry Gamma! You know I love you (and your kisses)!

My boat

So here I am outside splashing and playing in my boat that Gamma got for me. I'm sitting up pretty good, huh? I had lots of fun! I liked watching the dogs playing....and loved splashing Mommy. Mom mom came over for a little while too. She let me get into her hot tub the other day. Boy, was that fun!! I'll have to do that again soon.